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CGW Caboose Paint Schemes

NE-5 Steel caboose series 600-624 paint/ lettering schemes.

By Donald E. Vaughn

1. As delivered 1945-46. Boxcar red, white lettering, black underframe & steps. Corn Belt Route herald, 36" diameter centered under cupola and side windows, centerline of herald is 58" from bottom of carbody. Standard size numbers, same as later cars but in white. The size was 12". These were placed, bottom of number, 18" up from carbody edge.

2. Maroon cars, after 1948. Maroon car, black roof, underframe and steps. Ladders and grab irons yellow, dulux gold (yellow) numbers, standard CGW size, (12"). Two red stripes, one on lower edge, 8" with 1" dulux edge stripe, top and bottom. Second stripe three-fourths of the way up and same dimensions. These stripes wrapped around the carbody. They were painted to match the motors.

2.a. - NOTE: Original repaints to this scheme received a 24" Corn Belt Route herald; gold (yellow) background with black lettering. After 1952, a 24" Lucky Strike was applied. These heralds were centered on the carbody between the top stripe and roofline. Numbers centered per CGW practice.

3. Maroon cars, after 1952. Same as above with the top stripe removed. The only difference is the appearance of the larger 36" Lucky Strike in replacement of the 24" Lucky Strike. Both of these heralds were applied to the scheme. See Note 4-b.

4. Maroon Cars, after 1955. Same as above, with both stripes removed and either the 24" or 36" Lucky Strike herald.

a. - NOTE: All cabooses by 1954-55 were being standardized in paint & heralds as to the general scheme as applied to road motors. Credit Wm Deramus with this upgrading and standardization.

b. - NOTE: By this time, as the large herald would not fit between the carbody side ribs, the heralds were applied to sheet metal and riveted to the carbody. All cars, maroon and the red, last CGW scheme, received this treatment.

5. Red cars, after 1964. Same as above, but maroon is replaced with the new cherry red that matched the GP-30s. All cars by now were receiving the 36" herald.