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CGW Diesel Paint Schemes EMD "F" SERIES

By Donald E. Vaughn

1. As delivered.

a. Body maroon, double red stripe with gold dulux trim, name spelled out with Corn Belt Route heralds on side.
b. Roof on these was Brunswick green with gold stripe.
c. Running gear and steps below frame, black.
d. Grab irons maroon.
e. Ribbed body "buffer stripe", gold, anti-climber black.

2. Modification 1.

a. As above, same. Beginning with the 150-series Fs for passenger service, in 1952, the "Lucky Strike" and final logo began to be applied. This replaced the Corn Belt Route emblem.

3. Modification 2.

a. Freight motors began to receive the Modification 1 thereafter.
b. Not all 150-series received the LS logo at the same time, some freight series (101-116) received new logos.

4. Modification 3.

a. The middle (or top) red stripe was removed; 1952-1953.

5. Maroon Dip, Modification 4.

a. The bottom red stripe and nose sweep removed; railroad name also removed. Motors are put in what was called the "dip" scheme, as the entire body is solid maroon, roof and running gear below the frame is black. This begins in 1954.
b. Lucky Strike emblem/ 24" on nose, 36" centered on carbody.
c. At least on motor, the 105-C, had an experimental scheme in that the Original Scheme sans the stripes and green roof was used. The LS logos as in M4, b, and the railroad name applied. It was not adopted.

6. Red and black, Modification 5.

a. Beginning in 1964, the Fs were repainted as in M4, a & b, replacing the maroon with red. This matched the new EMD GP-30s purchased in 1963. This was the last scheme applied to the Fs by the CGW.

Note: The GP-30s (201-208), 1963, and SD-40s (401-409), 1966, were both painted in red and black. Logos on cab sides were 36" diameter with gold numbers below. Only scheme applied by CGW.

Switch engines and Alco RS-2s followed the schemes as above; RS-2s in maroon scheme did not have a black roof.

The two EMD GP-7s, 120/ 121 followed all schemes. After being rebuilt to a GP-7m, the 121 was painted red, black roof and running gear. This one locomotive had the number moved from the cab to the long hood account the extra louvers on the cab battery boxes.