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The CGW list was created to discuss the Chicago Great Western Railway. This is an unmoderated and unrestricted list. The dialogue may include any topic related to the CGW, predecessor roads, and disposition of locomotives, equipment, and plant on successor roads, e.g., cab units, tank cars, and flanger stars.

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Disclaimer and Credits

The Unofficial Chicago Great Western Page is in no way affiliated with the Chicago Great Western Railway Company nor any of its successor companies. This site is a project of Jerry Huddleston who is an in 'duh' vidual. Photos are the property of their respective copyright holders. Contributions are always welcome, of course. Let me know if you have any questions or comments about this site by email (replace X with c to reply).

Thanks to the following individuals for contributing to this site: Ralph Back, Walt Dunlap, Stephen Foster, Matthew J. Frahm, J. L. Hunt, Kevin Klitzke, Robert S. McGonigal, Dan Meyer, James A. Neubauer, Don Ross, Jim L. Rueber, Erich B. Russ, Jim Sands, Paul K. Swanson, Donald E. Vaughn, Lance Wales, Bill Whitfield.

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