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W403 was built from a 12000 series Haskell and Barker boxcar originally built in 1893.  
Scale test car X55 was built in the Oelwein shops in 1908. The car was usually seen with W403 in the decade before the merger.  
GATC LO 7232 June, 1991. East Minneapolis, MN. Kevin Klitzke photo. 
GATC TM 264; November, 1992. Marshalltown, IA. Kevin Klitzke photo.  
  ACF FA November, 1978. East Minneapolis, MN. Kevin Klitzke photo.
  P-S XM 5311; November 1979. St. Paul, MN. Kevin Klitzke photo.
  Bethlehem LO 7330; March 1998. Vancouver, WA. Bill Whitfield photo.