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Former CGW operator C. W. Finch offers 13 books that provide valuable acumen about history, operations, and life on the Great Western.

  • The CGW Winston Tunnel and its Ghost; 121 pages. Price $23
  • The CGW Depot Agent; 301 pages. Price $25
  • Our American Railroads; The Way it Was...; 430 pages. Price $30
  • The Railroad Man; Past, Present and Future; 240 pages. Price $25
  • Chicago Great Western Memories; 210 pages. Price $25
  • The Life and Love of the Chicago Great Western Railroad; 151 pages. Price $25
  • The CGW Railroad in Jo Davies County, Illinois; 101 pages. Price $20
  • Railroad Fame; It's the Men Who Made Them Famous; 200 pages. Price $25
  • Train Robberies and Wrecks; 217 pages. Price $25
  • The CGW Railroad in Stockton and Elizabeth (photos only); 460 pages. Price $25
  • The CGW Eastern Division between Oelwein and Chicago; 230 pages. Price $25
  • The Old Railroad Depot; 230 pages. Price $25
  • The Telegraph; 50 pages. Price $18

Please contact the author at the address listed below to order any of these books or if you have any questions. Add $2 to each book ordered for shipping. Orders will be shipped in one week. All books are special order, i.e., printed as needed. I was in no way compensated for this advertisement.

C.W. Finch, 430 Sidney, East Dubuque, IL 61025
phone (815) 747-3257 or email

Photo, Left: CGW Train 192 exits the east portal of the Winston Tunnel in September 1963. The cloud of smoke could dispel the dubious assertion that diesel power obviated the need for forced ventilation through the bore. James Neubauer photo.

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