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Chessie System Western Maryland Saftey Caboose.  This too is a LifeLike kit.  I bought it at a train show for
a whopping $1.  It was in a horrible Chessie paint job.  I stripped it and repainted it with PollyScale paints like
you see here.  I used Microscale's WM Safety Caboose sheet for the decals.  This caboose has the as delivered four
large windows on the side.  1802 and 1811 are modeled with just two.  The reason for this is that the laws
governing railroading changed in the Chessie era and all locomotive and caboose glass was required to have an
expensive bullet proof glazing applied.  Well to save money, Chessie just covered up some windows with a
cheap piece of metal.  At the time I modeled this one, I didn't know if 1806 had this done to it or not.  Actually it
did have it done, but I can live with the discrepency.