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Life-Like Proto 2000 Northeast Cabin Conrail 18832: With two interchanges with Conrail on the East End, my layout needed a Conrail caboose or two.  This one is a good choice, and I picked it up for $12.
This kit is almost dead-on for former Reading RR cabooses that were given to Conrail in 1977.  Unlike the kit, these cabooses really had one window filled on the side in the picture, and the two inside ones filled on the other side.  I cut a piece of plastic over these windows and painted it Conrail blue.  The real car had white sides and edges on the steps, the kit comes with all black steps.  The grab iron on the end is white, they come blue on the kit.  Other than that, I just weathered the car with an overspray of roof brown and painted the wheel faces rust colors.