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Life-Like Proto 2000 Northeast Style Caboose:  This is one of the latest run of P2K NE Cabins.  It came fully assembled.  This kit is extremely accurate, but some of the parts are painted the wrong colors.  The wheel faces need to be primed and painted rust colors.  The wheels are metal, so priming will be required.  The trucks and underside should be blue not black.  The steps on the ends should be blue with orange edges, not black with orange edges.  The brackets where the steps attach to the end platform should be yellow and orange, as seen above, they came all black.  The brake wheel stand should be yellow, as should the bottom edge of the end rails, these came orange.  I painted all the end rails and grab irons SP Daylight Red so that they were opaque.  The P2K plastic is translucent otherwise and looks bad if not painted.  The end of the roof should be orange not silver.  The end overhand of the roof sides has a little gutter on it to prevent rain water off someone getting on the cabin.  This gutter should be silver not yellow.  I weathered the bottom lightly with an overspray of dirt color.  I also weathered the roof slightly with a light grey and white drybrushing.  The roofs on these cabins looked great for a long time, so keep the weathering light.