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The Western Maryland rostered about 100 of these C-13A Class cabooses.  Most were painted out of this Speed Lettered scheme for the Black, White and Red Circus Scheme.  Finding a Chessie Era example of a speed lettered caboose is rare.  However, I found a Life-Like Proto 2000 speed lettered model of 1816 and couldn't pass it up.  The model is 99% accurate for the WM cabooses.  Luckily, I found a photo of 1897 with a COTS stencil (a 1970s requirement), an ACI card, and even a "R" restricted service stencil. 

To improve the caboose, I painted the grabs TTX yellow, so the translucent yellow plastic didn't show.  I also pained the end rails yellow, where appropriate.  I also scratched off the "1816" number and added the "1897" from the Microscale WM caboose sheet.  I weathered it with pastel chalks and sealed it with dull coat.  Interestingly enough the cupola grab irons are not yellow..

Also, as luck would have it, Life-Like did make a model of 1897 in a subsequent run, but the end rail and trucks are much too red and would need to be painted.  1816 is a better color match.