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Below are pics of #3002 outside enjoying the natural sunlight.  #3002 is a detailed Bachmann Spectrum GP30.  All photos do not show the horns on the cab, as they are not permanently attached, to allow for strorage of the unit in its original box.  I forgot to attach them for the photos.

Below #3002 cruises by our photographer.  The open window on the right side serves as a reminder that these units do not have air conditioning.

Below is a view looking slightly up at #3002.  The coil car in the back shows that #3002 is the only unit working this train today.  This "Big C&O" paint job is rare for C&O GP30s.

Below is a pic of our photographer catching a blue C&O unit and a blue C&O caboose in the same pic.  The coil car train is heading up the main line after the passing train with the blue C&O caboose clear the turn out.

Below is a pic of #3002 working with sister unit #3022.  It is pulling a single HC44 class covered hopper and some coil cars.

Below is another view of the two units as they pass by.