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Chessie System C&O Wide Vision Caboose.  This is a Bachmann model I got as a gift.  It came
with a B&O number located just to the right of the Chessie System lettering.  The B&O had no wide
vision cabesse.  I used Polly Scale ELO (Easy Lift Off) to remove this lettering.  I left it on for only a
few seconds so as not to remove the yellow paint.  I applied some spare decals for the "C&O" and
"3214" decals.  This is not an accurate paint job at all, but for a stand in caboose, it is OK.  The
standard yellow wide vision cabeese had a paint job like 903295.  I painted the trucks and end platforms
blue and made the wheels rusty.  I also painted the grab irons orange and the window frames silver.