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Below are pics of #36 outside in the natural light.  It is a Walthers Trainline GP9m model that has been modified to look like a WM chop nosed GP9.

Below is a pic that most railfans would love to capture.  A WM chop nosed GP9 still with its two digit road number.  Too bad the unit was not on the point.  Here it is the trailing unit on a mixed freight.

Below is a pic of #36 in the setting sun.  The low sun angle brings out much of the detail on the locomotive.

Below a meet is caught by our photographer.  U30C #3301 is pulling a frieight train on the main line as #36, with its local cars in tow waits to pass behind the big U-boat.

Below is a normal railfanning perspective on a locomotive.  A mixed freight is passing behind #36, as it waits its turn on the main line.

Below is my first photo of #36 inside.