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5778c&o Atlas GP40 #3752...
Part of an order of GP40s (3740-3779) this unit was built in January 1971 and was practically new when the Chessie logo started appearing in 1972.  GP40s, along with GP38 and GP40-2s usually handled priority jobs, like TOFC trains, around the system

To make the Atlas unit more correct I added a Chessie rock pilot, painted the MU hoses black, painted the class lights silver, added the side bell and painted the ends of the uncoupling levers yellow.  I also painted the small section on the side sill to show where the ACI card once was, with the original Blue and Yellow paint showing through.  I also numbered this unit, as it came unnumbered.

Below is the prototype photo of #3752.

Below are two shots of the finished model.