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3 Roundhouse Small PS Covered Hoppers 3 Roundhouse Small PS Type Covered Hoppers...
Roundhouse released a set of small Pullman Standard type covered hoppers in a "Fallen Flag" series.  These cars can be purchased separately, and maybe in sets.  They come in WM, B&O, and 2 C&O paint jobs.  I picked up 2 B&O and 1 WM car.  The C&O ones are great, and I may get some later.  The kits retail for around $10 each.  Being a new release, I don't see finding them much cheaper.

Below is a Dean Heacock pic of a WM car.

1.  Remove the parts from the box.  Inside the roofs there will be leftover plastic from the injection process.  They will look like little pegs or parts of them.  Shave them off.  They interfere with the roof joining to the body.
2.  Paint the metal frame with an enamel primer after you sand the edges some to remove any roughness.
3.  Glue the roofs to the bodies.
4.  Cut off the hatch covers for all the cars and glue them on.
5.  Paint the bottom of the cars and metal frames black.  Also paint the roof walk tops black.  Also paint the bottom door details on the plastic sprues.
6.  Add the brake gear to the metal frames.
7.  Glue on the frames to the bodies.  Screw on the couplers.
8.  Assemble the door details.  Glue them on.
9.  Screw on the wheels.  Paint the wheel faces roof brown.
10. Glue on the brake wheels.  Paint the brake wheels grey.
11. Apply a wash with vertical strokes of thinned light grey.  Add successively darker washed of grey until you put on a slight wash of dark grey.
12.  When dry, use an eraser to remove as much of the "dirt" from the washes as you want.  These cars were old by the time Chessie got them, so don't be afraid to leave them dirty.  Also take an eraser, or even 400 grit sand paper to the raised detail on the roof walks.  The black paint should just be left in the crevices, giving an illusion of depth.
13.  Apply streaking of white with either white paint or white pastels.  I used paint.  These cars run sand primarily which leaves a tell tale white streaking on the sides.
14.  Drybrush the bottoms and wheels with light grey.
15.  You are done, enjoy your 3 small Roundhouse PS type hoppers.

Below is a starting pic of my 3 covered hoppers.

Below are the bodies with the bottoms painted black.

Below are the frames primered on the tops and the rest painted black.

Below are the three assembled and ready to get weathered.

Below is the pic of the finished 3, all weathered and ready to run some sand to Hancock and beyond.  See the covered hopper page of freight cars for close ups of each of the three.