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A-Line 40 foot trailers 4 A-Line 40 foot Trailers...
A-Line make the only truly good kit for Chessie semi-trailers.  These kits are still sold today and retail for about $10 for a pack of two.  These are flat kits, so you have some work to do to get these done.

These kits are accurate for the Freuhauf type trailer that Chessie owned.  Chessie did own some other brands, but no kits exsist for those types.

Below is a Dean Heacock pic of a real 40' Chessie trailer.  This is the most common size of Chessie trailer, so if you plan on running TOFC trains, you can't have enough of these kits.  By the numbers, Chessie had about 4,000 trailers in 1982.  Only 65 of them were C&OZ marked.  The rest were B&OZ or BOZ marked.  90% of them were 40' and only 10% 45'.  

                                                              Dean Heacock photo

How to:
1.  Purchase as many A-line kits as you want to do.  I picked up two packs, enough to do 4 trailers.
2.  Carefully cut the parts off the trees.  Carefully glue the sides to the front piece.  Next glue the top to the two sides and the front.  Glue the floor in next, finally glue in the rear piece.  This is the most efficient method I found to making the trailer.
3.  Paint the sides, front, back, and top flat aluminum.
4.  Paint the bottom and mudflaps black, leave the jack in the front silver.  I forgot to do this and my jacks are black. 
5.  Paint the sides, front and back white.  Leave the edges silver (see photos for clarity).
6.  Spray with gloss coat.
7.  Decal with Microscale decals for Chessie Trailers.  (I made my own by copying this sheet and jumbling the numbers so each trailer has its own #.  I also made custom Chessie mudflap decals).
8.  Spray with dull coat.  Weather with chalks.  Use black for soot and brown for road grime.
9.  Paint the lights on the back red.

Below is a blurry picture of what you get.  A bag full of parts for $11.50 is a little steep for two trailers, but it is the best kit going.

Below are two of the trailers, assembled and painted silver.  Up next, painting white.

Below is a close up of the trailers painted white and decaled.  Note they all have different road numbers.  On the back I included license plate and a caution decal.

Below are the finished trailers.  They have a nice weathered look, but not too over done.