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Chessie 40ft Boxcar A Chessie 40ft boxcar...
Chessie didn't paint many of their 40ft boxcars in the Chessie scheme.  Actually there are only three that I know of.  Below is a picture of one.

To do a 40ft boxcar in Chessie blue may require a little more work.  But, it is a very fun project for a weekend or long rainy day.

How to make a blue Chessie 40ft boxcar:
1.  Use an undecorated Athearn kit to start with.  Mine actually came as a Bev-Bel kit that was painted all brown with yellow lettering.  Chessie never had any brown boxcars with the cat logo, so I stripped off all the brown paint with Easy Lift Off (ELO).
2.  Paint the whole car Chessie Enchantment Blue.  Let dry.
3.  Apply Herald King decals for a blue Chessie Boxcar.  If you can't find Herald King, try Champ, they make a set too.
4.  Now comes weathering.  The Chessie cars didn't get taken care of, so don't be shy in the weathering. Overspray the whole car with dark grey.  Spray the bottom 1/4 with tan to simulate road grime.
5.  I streaked mine heavily with blue to give the paint a faded appearance.  Also streak with tan and black for dirt and grime.
6.  Add a wash to the roof of black.  Drybrush it with light grey to bring out the detail.
7.  You are done.  Enjoy mine below.   Mine is of C&O 19335 which is one of the other 2 painted like this.