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4824c&o Chesepeake & Ohio GP38 #4824...
In 1970 the C&O purchased another order of GP38's to go with the #3800 series units they already had.  This new order was only 10 total units, #4820-4829.  They were all delivered in the standard C&O blue scheme.  Some, but not all, got repainted into Chessie paint.  I chose #4824 because the photos I have of it, show it to be a well used unit that will be an excellent modeling project.

The Athearn kit best matches these 4800 series GP38's.  The kit is actually a GP38-2, a variation of the GP38 that Chessie did not own.  The 3800 series did not come with the paper air filter that the 4800's did.  This caused alot of variation in the 3800's, including cutting the dynamic break blister to make the paper air filter fit.  The paper air filter is the box on the roof just behind the cab.  It was original equipment on the 4800 series.

#4824 became CSX #2124 and was retired in 1993.  Some GP38's did not get repainted, only renumbered into CSX colors.  These were some of the last Chessie paint survivors in CSX.  #2124 was sold to the Georgia Southwestern RR and remumbered #5124.  To my knowledge it is still working there today.

Below are Dean Heacock pics of #4824.  Notice that #4824 made it through the entire Chessie Era in C&O Blue.  This is evident by the pic of it in C&O Blue with a CSX number.  Also an extra pic of it in CSX grey.


Below is a pic of my GP38 at the start.  Enjoy.