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Front Range small ACF Covered Hopper:  Monon is a great Chessie Era road since it is no longer in exsistance.  There is no better way to get the proper feel then to include cars from roads that no longer exsist.  This Monon car is a perfect example.  Actually, the Monon was bought by the L&N in 1971, just a year before the Chessie System started, but cars ran throughout the Chessie era looking just like this.  I built it as per the directions.  Added the consolidated stencil.  Painted the roof walk black and lightly sanded it to bring out the detail.  I weathered the sides lightly with streaks of light grey and white.  Oversprayed the bottom 1/4 with railroad tie brown and painted the wheel faces rusty colors.  In no time you have a great Chessie Era car from an extinct railroad.