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5778c&o Atlas GP7 #5760...
Part of an order of GP7s (5739-5797) these units were built originally with single note horns pointing each way (as on the model out of the box), but were replaced prior to the Chessie era with a five chime horn (as seen below).  GP7s normally had louvered doors where the road number is, but on this unit it has a flat (GP9-like) door.  C&O GP7s ran short hood forward, as can be seen with the Ches-C logo on the prototype photo below.

To make the Atlas unit more correct I added spark arrestors, five chime horn, MU stand and C&O style bell.  I painted some of the handrails in front of the Ches-C logo on the front of the unit blue.  This was a common feature, and can be seen in the prototype photo below on the bottom of the "C" on the front of the unit.  I painted the front plow MU hoses black, the class lights silver and the bottom of the hand rail blue.  I also painted on the side sill where the old ACI car was removed showing the old blue and yellow C&O paint scheme.

Below is the prototype photo of #5760.

Below are two shots of the finished model.