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Above are five of a seven pack of coil car hoods.  They are made by Walthers and fit their 55' cushion coil car.  Coil car hoods
get freely swapped around.  These type of cars are unique because a C&O car can have two hoods on it from any other railroad.  Based on all the pics I have seen of Chessie coil cars, 60% of the time a Chessie car will have two Chessie hoods, 30% of the time it will have one Chessie and one from another road.  The remaining 10% of the time anything goes.  Buying this Walthers 7 pack of assorted roads will add some much needed variety to your coil cars.  I weathered them with rust colored paint and used the base color plus some white to simulate fading.  The other two hoods that come in this pack are a Grand Trunk Western and a C&O hood.  Those are already displayed on the coil car page.