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Below are pics of GP30 #6930.  It is a renumbered Life-Like Proto 2000 model.  These photos were taken outside in the natural light.

Below is a perfect profile shot of 6930.  It is the lead unit today with sister unit 6974 in trail.

Below 6930 is working alone pulling a short cut of gondolas.  GP30s were used in just about any assignment.  They would be working as the high profile lead unit on a main line freight one day and working in anonimity the next on a branch line.

Below the sun glistens off the nose of 6930 as it heads up the line. This sun angle showcases the GP30s unique buldge over the numberboards.

Below a head-on shot of 6930.  The crewmembers can be seen through the windows.  Note how ditry that yellow drop step is, this was typical on blue painted units.

Below a rare overhead shot of 6930.  A little rust is showing on the top, but other than that she looks pretty good for her age.