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Below are pics of #6974.  It is a Life-Like Proto 2000 model that was renumbered.  It is shown here in the outside natural light.

Below is a perfect profile shot of 6974.  It is working as the second unit in this consist behind sister unit 6930.

Below 6974 is working a local train by herself today.  The brand new Chessie cylindrical hopper makes for a stark contrast to 6974's weather beaten finish.

Below is a pic that would have been pefect if it was not taken into the sun.  6974 sits on the siding as a mixed freight over takes it.  That is a Chessie WM caboose streaking by.

Below is another shot of the same local as before. The sun is at the correct angle now for a very nice shot.

Below is a bird's eye view of 6974.  A little rust can been seen on top of the cab.  This was typical of older GP30s.