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6imcoveredhoppers 6 Intermountain 3-Bay PS Covered Hoppers...
Bruce Friedman recently released these cars.  He paid to have a special run of 300 or so cars done.  They are superbly decorated and detailed.  The only problem I had with the cars are the roofwalks.  More on that later.

Chessie rostered these cars as the HC-32 Class (B&O 603700-899).  Mine came decorated with numers 603700, 09, 21, 32 and 69.  I got a duplicate car of 69 and renumbered it 10.

This should be a quick assembly line project that should turn out 6 high quality weathered cars in a day or two.

Below is a photo of this class.
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How to:
1.  Purchase 6 (or how many ever you want to do) Intermountain 3-bays.
2.  Spray them all with Testor's dull coat.  This will help the weathering by providing a nice rough surface.
3.  Overspray the cars with roof brown, dirt and black.  Concentrate the dark colors on the underside and ends of the car.
4.  Take an eraser and remove most of the weathering from the sides.  This will leave "grime" in the grooves near the ribs of the car.  It is a very prototypical look.
5.  Paint a hatch or two light grey to represent a replacement hatch.
6.  Take weathering chalks and add some more grime if needed and some white to simulate a spilled load.
7.  Spray again with dull coat.
8.  You are done, enjoy your cars.

Below are the 6 cars as they looked coming out of the boxes.  Note the tape on the cars holding down the drying walkways.  I was quite disappointed to find 5 of the 6 cars had walkways that weren't attached correctly and had a ridge in them.

Below is a close up of the duplicate car with the last two digits removed.  Also a photo of the new "10" applied.  Repeat this on the road numbers on the ends of the car too.  I used the Herald King H-141 Chessie Jumbo Hopper set.

Below are the cars done and ready to roll.  To see individual photos go to my Intermountain Covered Hopper page.