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5778c&o Atlas SD35 #7416...
Part of an order of SD35s (7400-7419) this unit was built in August 1964 and was delivered in B&O blue.  It was painted into Chessie at an unknown time.  SD35s, along with SD40s and SD40-2s usually handled heavy hauling roles, like coal trains and helper service, around the system

My model came decorated for Chessie, but was unlettered or numbered.  I added the "B&O" and "7416" on the cab.  To make the Atlas unit more correct I added a decal for the slotted battery box and painted the ends of the uncoupling levers yellow.  Other than that I just swapped the couplers with Kaydees and weathered it.

Below is the prototype photo of #7416.

Below are two shots of the finished model.