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Below are a few photos of 7619 out in the natural sunlight.  It is a detailed Athearn dummy that started as a N&W decorated kit.

Below we see 7619 with GP30 3042 in tow pulling a mixed freight up the line.  This locomotive was delivered in this paint scheme.  It came with a slotted battery box and Chessie plow on the front.  It was one of the few classes with a silver head light casing.

Below is a near perfect profile shot of the locomotive going over the grade crossing.  Note the builders plate on the orange side sill below the number "6".

Below is a head on shot of the SD40-2.  All Chessie locomotives had "Class" lights on the nose.  They are depicted as two silver circles on either side of the Ches-C logo.  This is also one of the few classes to have an all blue uncoupling lever.  Most had yellow ends on the levers.