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This is a model of the only C-15 class caboose to make it into the Chessie Era.  Almost all the others were converted to C-15Cs right before the Chessie Era.  For some reason, this caboose never got modified.  The model started as an Atlas Trainman C&O Yellow decorated #90215 (Class C-20).  I renumbered it using the Microscale C&O Caboose Set, added an ACI card and COTS stencil.  The big change to make this a C-15 is to back date the brake wheels to the older horizontal type.  I removed the Atlas one and repaced it with brass wire and spare brake wheels from my spares box.  I also repainted the end platforms, end rails and roof, as the Atlas color is way too dark grey to represent a Chessie Era caboose.  I weathered the roof heavily with rust colors.