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This is my C-15A class caboose.  It started life as Atlas Trainman C&O Steel Cupola Caboose #90256.  I scraped off the road number on both sides and the cupola ends with a dull rounded blade.  After applying Testors Gloss Coat, I added the new road numbers from the Microscale WM Caboose set.  I painted the end details the same as my C-20 #90241.  Also, this caboose had a large battery box.  I removed the coupler shelf than hangs below the car and added a scratchbuilt battery box.  The handles are made from bent staples.  The in work photo shows the shelf on the one side removed and the unpainted battery box, ready to be attached.  Also, behind it is a print out of a photo of 90124 showing the real battery box. 

#90124 is one of only four cabooses in the C-15A class to not be converted to a C-15C, just prior to the Chessie Era.  The others are 90067, 90139 and 90143.  This makes this class have only these four cabooses during the Chessie Era 1972-86.  I couldn't find photos of the other three, so I modeled the one I could find photos of.