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C&O Wide Vision Caboose.  This is an undecorated Athearn kit that I painted to represent an original C&O
caboose.  I painted it with Polly Scale C&O Enchantment Blue.  The decals are Herald King decals.  I added
the ACI card (that red whit and blue rectangle) from a Microscale sheet.  Note also that the "C&O 903202"
decals are white, while the "3202" on the cupola front are yellow.  The C&O, like B&O and WM, renumbered
some of their cabooses from four digits to the six digit 90XXXX series.  This caboose was one of them.  I also
added the yellow end piece on the roof to give it a more prototypical look.  The red stripes are just decal stripes
that come with the Herald King decals.  The red circle is a dot of paint applied to look like the light that is there
on the real cabooses.