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Atlas Trainman 90320 Steel Cupola Caboose.  This model is my C-21 class caboose.  This kit comes ready to run as a C-20 class (90200 series).  I started with scraping off the old 90200 series number and adding the 90320 road number.  I had several photos of this particular caboose.  To modify the Atlas model for this series, originally used on the C&O's Pere Marquette lines, a little cutting and sanding is required.  However, it is not a big job, and represents a very common Chessie C&O caboose class.  The main spotting feature of this class is the location of the end ladders.  The Atlas kit comes with them on the right, as you look at the end, perfect for the C-20 class (see my model of 90241 for an example).  These C-21s had their ladders on the left.  I removed the roof walk on the right side and added a new Plano one on the left.  I cut the ladder out of the end grab iron/railing piece and glued it on the left, filling the missing spots on the upper railing (arched orange piece at the roof's end) with super glue.  I also added a new horizontal rail and vertical railing post where the ladder was.  After the end railings are all set, paint the brake wheel and appropriate railings yellow, they come all orange from Atlas (there is some variation in what gets painted yellow, so check a real photo first).  I also added a battery box under the "ssi" in "Chessie System", but it is hard to see in the photo.  Finally, I added splatter guards (painted yellow) on either side of the walkway chain.  These last two were not features on all C-21s, but were on this car.