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Chessie System C&O wide Vision Caboose.  This is an Atlas kit that came basically as you see it here.
I painted the end platforms and underside blue.  I then weathered the bottom lightly.  This kit came
with the plastic in the windows so I did not want to get paint all over them trying to paint the window
frames.  If the window frames were silver instead of yellow this would be a nearly perfect model.  I
kept the weathering light.  Some of my other cabooses are dirty, so I needed some clean ones to have
a nice variety.  Remember, not everything on a railroad is dirty.  Notice that this caboose has a 90XXXX
number.  When Chessie did the renumbering into this series the C&O went on top and the number
on bottom.  See 3308 to see how the number and C&O are placed on a four digit caboose.