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NAtower HO Tower, Hancock, WV
This B&O tower is of one of the best known structures on the East End.  Built around 1902, this tower lasted throughout the entire Chessie Era.  It was closed by CSX in 2006 or 2007 and was demolished shortly there after. 

Hancock tower was one of the last mechanical interlockings in the United States.  That means that the switches in the yard are controlled through the tower's Armstrong Levers.  These large levers were a mechanical linkage to the switch locks and points that were as much as a hundred yards away.  Most other interlocking tower (NA and WB for example) used electrical switches.  

The B&O had several standard designs used by the railroad around the turn of the century.  HO predates these standards, but was the same basic architectural style as the standard towers.  The feature of the B&O towers that makes them scream B&O is the fish scale skirting between the two stories.  Additionally, this tower had two additions put on.  The rear addition wrapped around the original chimney, which was difficult to model.  The second addition was on the opposite side of the doors, it blends in with the original tower better than the rear addition.

This is the most complicated structure I've built to date.  It took me months to finish.  Below the pictures of the finished tower.