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NAtower Freight House, Hancock, WV
This is a neat building.  It is located across the tracks from HO Tower.  It is in gray and white paint today, but was in cream and brown in the Chessie era.  It is a classic B&O structure.  An interesting feature of this building was the unusual gray tar paper that was used on one side of the building.  It is the only such building I've seen on the B&O.

I measured it while visiting Hancock, which made for an easy scratch building project.  There are only a few windows and doors on it, so it went together pretty quickly.  I used wood for the building and sheet styrene for the roof.  The windows are Grandt Line and the man door Tichy.  The freight doors are from Rusty Stumps.

Below are four pictures showing all four sides of the structure.  The long side with the man door and freight door faced the tracks.  This building sits right next to the shed I built earlier.

Below are a few in work photos.  The first is the structure assembled, prior to painting.  The second is the cream color weathered, waiting for the roof to be done.

Below is a shot of the real section house I took in 2006.  It looks a little worse for wear, but still is used for MofW storage.  It also now has a shingled roof.