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NAtower Section House, Hancock, WV
This is a nice little building.  I built it from the scraps after assembling Hancock's freight station.  It is a classic B&O structure with all cream paint job and tar paper roof.
It used to sit right next to the base of the four track signal bridge.  It is no longer there.  It got razed somewhere around 1990.  It did get repainted to CSX gray and white before it was removed.

Below are two pictures showing all four sides of the structure.  The door side faced the tracks.  The side with the small square offset to the left faced HO tower. 

Below are a few in work photos.  The first is the structure assembled, prior to painting.  The second is the cream color weathered, waiting for the roof to be done.

Below is the tar paper treatment.  The first photo shows the first two sides with tissue paper strips applied.  The right side has had the excess trimmed off.  The second picture is the last two sides applied.  Note the paint is still wet.  The last photo shows the end strips applied.  The paint is still wet here too and the excess tissue paper needs to be trimmed off.  After the paint dries, I dry brush a mix of shades of gray on it.

Below is a shot of the real section house around 1974.  You can see the signal bridge right by it and HO tower in the back ground.  This is a rare angle as the photographer must have been standing on the tracks to take the picture.