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Jeff NMRA MMR Pursuit Jeff's Pursuit of NMRA Master Model Railroader...
I am a member of the National Model Railroader Association.  Specifically the Nutmeg Division of the Northeast Region (NER).   The Master Model Railroader (MMR) qualification is the culmination of the NMRA's Achievement Program (AP).  Since starting in the 60's only 500 people have finished this program.

When I joined the NMRA during the Hartford National Convention, I never imagined I would try to pursue this lofty goal.  The more I read into the rules and requirements, the more it seemed achievable.  It will take me several more years to finish, but it is an interesting journey that improves your skills as you work to accomplish the requirements.

The AP consists of 11 certificates.  The 11 certificates are divided into four categories.  You have to do 7 of the 11 total, with a minimum of one in each category, to become a MMR.

Status as of : April 21, 2015

Model Railroad Equipment:
1. Master Builder - Motive Power: Building the three required locomotives now, hope to have them judged early next year (C&O 18742 x 3)
2. Master Builder - Cars: COMPLETE (Merit Awards for Well Hole Flat Cars WM 6010 and 6011 and Snow Flangers B&O SF13 and B&O SF43, all scratchbuilt.  The other four cars were B&O cabooses C-2895, C-2899, 902884 and AMTK 1376)

3. Master Builder - Structures: 9 of 12 complete, have 4 of 6 needed merit awards (HO tower, NA tower, WB tower, W tower), need to build a bridge and two more buildings
4. Master Builder - Scenery
5. Master Builder - Prototype Models

Engineering and Operation:
6. Model Railroad Engineer - Civil
7. Model Railroad Engineer - Electrical
8. Chief Dispatcher - 3.5 hours into the 50 hour requirement

Service to the Hobby:

9. Association Official
10. Association Volunteer: COMPLETE (Did clinics to meet the requirement)
11. Model Railroad Author: COMPLETE (Too many articles to list)