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NAtower WB Tower, Brunswick, MD
This classic B&O tower is of one of several standard designs used by the railroad around the turn of the century (1900-1915).  It was originally painted in the traditional cream color used on so many B&O structures.  However, some time after the B&O/C&O affiliation in the 1960's it was painted into this light gray with dark gray trim scheme.  By 1982 the paint was peeling and around 1983 got repainted into this same scheme.  I modeled it as it appeared in 1982.  The tower remains open to this day, the last operating tower on the East End.  It has been modified however.  The stair case remains in the same place, but the door to the upper level is now in line with the stair case, not offset to the right as originally built and modeled here.  It is also now covered in red vinyl siding.
Unlike many B&O towers, WB's identification letters make sense.  WB stood for West Brunswick.  There were originally two towers in Brunswick, EB or East Brunswick was the other, but it was removed in the early part of the century.  Below the pictures of the finished tower are two of it during construction.