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accurailboxcars Accurail Boxcars...
Below are photos of my Accurail boxcars.  Accurail makes mid to low end cars.  They are generally moderately detailed, but miss the features of a top end car, like wire grab irons, realistic stirrup steps and complicated paint schemes with all appropriate markings.  The good news is they are generally inexpensive and a quick way to fill out your roster.  Their paint schemes are generally accurate, but need details like COTS stencils, ACI cards and wheel dots added to make them more Chessie Era appropriate.

B-29 Class (B&O 282000-283149, B&O 299000-299963)
B&O 299600 (Won as a door prize at the 2002 CSHS convention.)

B-42 (B&O 289000-289821)
B&O 289247 (Purchased decrorated at a train show)

B-132 (C&O 400000-400304)
C&O 400045 (Purchased decorated as a RBOX lettered car)
C&O 400190 (Purchased decorated as a RBOX lettered car)