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Accurail Railbox Boxcar Accurail Railbox Boxcar...
Accurail makes a pretty good Railbox boxcar for the price.  I have three of them and bought them as a set for around $10-12.  It was a clearance sale, so I suppose they go for around $15-20 normally.  It doesn't have the latest detail features, but for a car in the middle of a train, it is good enough.

The kit is actually quite accurate, I would say 90% or so.  Why you may ask am I reviewing a non-Chessie car.  Well Railbox boxcars are actually Chessie cars, if you paint them right.  Below is a pic of a real Chessie Railbox boxcar.  The C&O bought some of these cars and just painted over the RBOX letters and put C&O on them.  Both the C&O and B&O bought Railgon gondolas and gave them the same treatment.

There really isn't much to do to these cars to make them accurate.  I don't recommend doing any work on the body.  All you need to do to make it accurate is paint over the RBOX letters and add C&O ones.  Check out my C&O Railbox article on the tips page for more info.
Below is a pic of my Accurail Railbox boxcars.