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Athearn's 40 foot hi-cube boxcar Athearn 40 foot hi-cube boxcar...
Athearn makes a 40 foot hi-cube boxcar that is based loosely on a western prototype.  These cars are not particularly accurate for any class of Chessie boxcar but they are just fine to fill up a train, if strict accuracy is not important to you.  They come in B&O only, that I know of.  The retail price is $6-7.  If you find one, you may want to buy it.  There is really no need for the prototype modeler to buy a B&O marked one.

There are no Chessie 40 foot hi-cubes.  These are not the most common car on any railroad.  Most hi-cube boxcars came in 50 or 60 foot lengths.  The 40 foot is a bit unusual.  Union Pacific paint is more appropriate for this type of car.

Below is a picture of mine.  This type of car is an old car in the Chessie Era so make sure to weather it lots.  I rusted the roof and streaked the sides heavily.  The white ends let you know it is a hi-cube.  I got this car very early in my Chessie modeling.  It wears number 19818, that does not correspond to any B&O boxcar number during the Chessie era.  Since I have evidence that they were not in the Chessie Era, I have removed this car from the roster.