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Athearn/Bev-Bel Covered Hoppers Athearn/Bev-Bel Covered Hoppers...
Below are photos of my Athearn/Bev-Bel covered hoppers.  Bev-Bel is no longer in business, that I know of.  They made special paint scheme on other manufacturers' kits.  They routinely used Athearn as the base for their paint schemes.  They generally did a better job than the original manufacturer, and are a good way to find decent decorated kits.  I paid about $10 a piece for mine.

HC-27 Class (B&O 603000-199):
Chessie B&O 603136 (Purchased decorated at a hobby store)

HC-32 Class (B&O 603700-899):
Chessie B&O 603708 (Purchased decorated at a train show)