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athearnboxcars Athearn Boxcars...
Below are photos of my Athearn boxcars.   Athearn made "blue box" kits for years.  These inexpensive kit provided many a modeler with their start into model railroading.  Unfortunately, the blue box kit isn't made any more.  However, Athearn has stepped up their offerings to more protoypically correct models with more details like metal wheels, knuckle couplers, separate grab irons and the like.  Athearn is based in California, so tend to offer more western roads, but they do offer some Chessie paint schemes.

B-? Class (Road # matches no class in my Chessie roster, will eventually be retired or renumbered)
B&O 481210 (Purchased as a decorated kit)

B-006 Class (B&O 464700-464899)

B&O 464874 (Purchased as yellow reefer and repainted and decaled to this scheme)

B-019 Class (B&O 463200-463589)
B&O 463529 (Purchased as an undecorated kit)

B-034 Class (C&O 28250-28999)
C&O 28851 (Purchased as an undecorated kit)

B-040 Class (C&O 19000-19499)
C&O 19335 (Purchased as a Bev-Bel boxcar in a non-prototypical brown paint job, stripped and repainted to this scheme)

B-062 (B&O 475075-475137, C&O 22650-22849)
B&O 475132 (Purchased as a decorated kit from a train show)

B-093 Class (B&O 492300-397)
B&O 492375 (Purchased as a decorated kit)

B-113 Class (B&O 401000-401199)

B&O 401000 (Purchased as a decorated kit)

B-117 Class (WM 31051-31065)
WM 31060 (Purchased as an undecorated kit)

B-119 Class (WM 35001-35050)
WM 35008 (Purchased as a decorated assembled model)

Chessie WM 35038 (Received as a gift)

B-124 (WM 36001-36020)
WM 36003 (Purchased as a decorated kit from a hobby store)

FGEX (B&O 403081-403110)

B&O 403095 (Purchased as a decorated kit from a hobby store)

B&O 403099 (Purchased as a decorated kit from a hobby store)