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athearncvdhoppers Athearn Covered Hoppers...
Here are my Athearn covered hoppers.  Athearn's best known covered hopper offering is the 3-bay Pullman Standard rib sided covered hopper.  Chessie has quite a few of these.  They offer them painted in several Chessie paint schemes.  There is even a five car set that comes with very accurate Chessie paint schemes.  Though they do not have the finest details of models offered today, they are still pretty accurate and are models that can be found relatively inexpensively.  I'd recommend them for any Chessie modeler.

Class HC-19 (B&O 600100-199, C&O 600000-099)
B&O 600104 (Purchased as a CNW decorated car and repainted to Chessie by me)

Class HC-27 (B&O 603000-199)
B&O 603003 (Purchased as a decorated car from a friend)

B&O 603015 (Custom painted and decaled)

B&O 603096 (Custom painted and decaled)

B&O 603104 (Purchased as a decorated car from a friend)

B&O 603111 (Custom painted and decaled)

B&O 603177 (Purchased as a decorated car from a friend)

Class HC-27A (B&O 603200-299, C&O 603300-603399)
B&O 603245 (Custom painted and decaled)

C&O 603321 (Purchased as a decorated car from a friend)

C&O 603380 (Purchased as a decorated car at a hobby store)

Class HC-29 (C&O 601200-299)
C&O 601224 (Purchased as an undecorated kit and shortened to this length.  Would recommend buying the Atlas Trainman car of this class instead of doing this project.)

Class HC-40 (WM 4701-4750)
WM 4735 (Purchased as a decorated car from a friend)