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Athearn Hoppers Athearn Hoppers...
Below are photos of my Athearn Hoppers.  Most of these are old Athearn blue box kits.  They were very reasonably priced, but lack some of the finer details of today's kits.  Hoppers however are so plentiful, this is a good way to fill out your roster, while not breaking the bank.

Athearn offers two bay ribbed hoppers that come with or without peaked ends.  Both have matches for Chessie classes.  They also offer a 2-bay offset (smooth sided) hopper that is a good match.  The four bay offset hopper at the bottom of the page does match an old C&O class, but that class was retired before the Chessie era.

H-5 Class (B&O 208000-209455)

B&O 208172 (Custom painted from an undecorated kit, ex N&W car)

H-11 Class (C&O 49000-49999, C&O 56000-59999)

C&O 56905 (Custom painted from an undecorated kit)

H-13 Class (B&O 347000-348342)

B&O 347830 (Custom painted from an undecorated kit)

H-20 Class (B&O 234000-235999)
B&O 234392 (Purchased as a decorated kit)

H-29A (C&O 110031-114930)
C&O 110177 (Purchased as decorated ready to run)

H-? (C&O 71500-72999)

C&O 71904 (Reworked from a WM hopper)