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Athearn WM GP40 Athearn WM GP40...
Athearn makes a GP40-2 kit that is a good match for one of the 5 WM GP40's.  The Athearn kit is actually a phase I GP40-2 (See GM50 for how to build a phase I GP40-2), but with only a few changes it can be backdated to a GP40.  WM purchased its GP40's #3795-3799  in 1970 or 1971, right before the GP40-2 was introduced, so they basically are identical to the Athearn GP40-2 kit already.

Below is a pic of the unit I will do.  I have the kit and all the parts but have yet to get around to doing it.

This is a Dean Heacock pic.  With that Seaboard Coast Line locomotive behind it, this pic is most likely from 1986 or so.  I suspect that 3798 never did get Chessie paint, although the other 4 WM GP40s did.

How to make a WM GP40 from an Athearn GP40-2:
1.  ((I will add this part when I do the project))

Below is a start pic of my GP40.  Enjoy.