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Athearn Wide Vision Caboose Athearn Wide Vision Caboose...
Athearn makes a good wide vision caboose for you to do a Chessie C&O Caboose.  For the money, there isn't anything better on the market.  You should pay between $5 and $6 for one.  I have found a few undecorated ones for $3 or $4.  Compare that price to the $12-$15 for an Atlas caboose.

There are some discrepancies between the Chessie prototype and this kit.  Most are very minor and don't require you to correct unless you want to.  The C&O was the only road that operated this type of caboose, but they rostered quite a few of them.  Some of the later orders did not have roof walks, as they were falling out of favor as this class was being built.  Below are pics of each side of a real wide vision caboose.

Below is one of my Athearn Wide Vision cabooses.  Notice it does not come with the end railings.  You will need to make these if you want to be accurate.  I will mass produce mine soon and add them to this caboose later.  Also notice that there is a small third window on each side of the real caboose that is not on the Athearn kit.  You can cut one out of another kit and put it in if you want to, but this is a really minor flaw.   The roof ends need to be capped.  The Athearn kit didn't come with the yellow part with the red diagonal stripes you see below, this part needs to be added.  The bottom of the cabin isn't perfectly straight on the real thing (see light grey parts on 903287 above), the Athearn kit is missing these parts, but this is also a minor difference.

All and all this is a very good kit.  I would say it is 90% accurate.  They come undecorated, in Chessie safety schemes, predecessor C&O blue, and standard Chessie yellow.  I prefer to paint my own but these prepainted ones are a good choice too.