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Atlas 2 bay smooth sided hopper Atlas 2-bay Smooth Sided Hopper...
Atlas makes a nice off-set (smooth) sided 2 bay hopper with arched (peaked) ends.  Some call the ends "oval ends".  Either way, these cars can be spotted quite easily due to these ends.  The C&O and B&O also had ones with flat tops on the ends.  The C&O even had ones with angled trapezoidal ends.  Luckily, the B&O and C&O did have ones that were nearly perfect match for the Atlas car.  I got a photo of several B&O arched ended cars from Jim Mitschke.  I chose the one below for this project.

Below is a photo of the car I am doing.  Note the darker black patches around the "B&O" reporting marks, the "B&O in the middle of the car, and the large square on the right hand side of the car.  This is clear evidence of the painting over of the 1950-60's C&O paint scheme this car had before being transferred to the B&O.

                                                                                                   Paul Dunn Photo, Jim Mitschke Collection
How to:
1.  Buy an undec Atlas 2-bay kit.  I got mine at a train show for $8.
2.  Remove the trucks and couplers.  Replace the coupler box covers for painting.
3.  Paint the car Polly Scale engine black.
4.  When the black has dried for 24 hours spray the car with Testors Dull Coat.  This will give a rough surface for the dry transfers.
5.  Decal this car with the B&O dry transfer set (HO-358 for B&O boxcars from CDS Lettering)  Use the consolidated stencil decal from any available set.  Spray around the "B" are with Gloss Coat.  Apply the "B" in the reporting marks from Herald King's B&O hopper set.  Since the "B" is a decal and not a dry transfer, it needs a smooth surface.
6.  Seal with dullcoat.
7.  Reassemble the car.
8.  You're done.  Enjoy your car.

Below is the car at step 2.  Don't forget to paint the little pieces seen below the car in this photo.

Below is the car painted black and ready for decaling.  The arched ends are visible in this photo.

Below is the car with the dry transfers on.  Note that the "B" in the reporting marks is a different font.  It came from a Herald King B&O hopper set.

Below is the hopper with some black chalk added over the letters.  Keep the black off the "B" in the reporting marks and the consolidated stencil, that way they look like they have been added later.

Below is a photo of the finished car.  It is well worn and shows patches around the "B", the right side, and the middle of the car that hint to its C&O heritage.