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Atlas GP40 Review Atlas GP40...
Atlas has released a GP40 model in HO scale.  It is outstanding.  It is a dead ringer for the Chessie GP40's.  It comes in several different road numbers and an undecorated model.  I would highly recommend you get on of these this models.  It runs around $90 (luckily I got mine for Christmas).  If you can get one for cheaper than $80 or so, go for it.  They show up on eBay all the time.  Atlas has released them in Chessie B&O and Chessie painted without a road number.

Chessie had 215 GP40's.  To have a good roster representation you need around 5-6 of these.  My rule of thumb is one model for each 50 actual locomotives owned.

The biggest problems with this kit are the bell position, the lack of a slotted battery box, and some of the parts need to be painted the right colors.  Fixing these little problems should not take you very long.  To see a complete "how to" article look on my Atlas GP40 tips page.  For even more look on my 3690cs-b&o locomotive page.

Below is a Dean Heacock pic of one of the units the Atlas kit comes numbered for.

Below are pictures of my GP40.