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atlashoppers Atlas Hoppers...
Below are my Atlas hoppers.  These are some of the best quality kits on the market.  Buy any of them you see.  A fairly recent addition is the Chessie offerings in their Atlas Trainman line.  The Trainman line is more inexpensive than regular cars, but still have great details.  The H-21 and H-29 classes below are Trainman cars.

H-6 (B&O 129000-135499, C&O 129000-133899, C&O 134000-135499)
B&O 132030 (Purchased as an undecorated kit at a train show)

H-20 (B&O 234000-235999)
B&O 234228 (Purchased as a decorated kit.)

B&O 234801 (Purchased as an decorated kit, but renumbered to 234801)

B&O 234920 (Purchased as an decorated kit)

B&O 235152 (Purchased as an decorated kit)

B&O 235200 (Purchased as an decorated kit)

H-21 (C&O 143000-143899)
C&O 143733 (Purchased as a decorated kit).

H-29 (B&O 10000-15249, C&O 103000-103999, C&O 110000-115249)
B&O 10075 (Purchased as a decorated kit.)

B&O 14832 (Purchased as a decorated kit.)