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Atlas wide vision caboose Atlas Wide Vision Caboose...
Atlas makes the best wide vision caboose on the market.  The only catch is it is $12-15.  That is a little pricey for most of us.  I got one at a train show for $10, but haven't seen another yet for that price.  If you find one at a good price, snatch it up.  I actually got rid of my one Atlas caboose, instead deciding to standardize on my wide vision fleet with the Athearn Wide Vision caboose.  I believe the Atlas caboose looks a little too long compared to the Athearn, which looks right.

The Atlas kit seems very accurate, my only complaint is that the parts don't come apart easily.  I would have loved to get the windows out of mine so I could paint the window frames silver.  But, since they wouldn't budge, I have yellow window frames on mine.  I didn't want to risk getting silver paint all over the clear plastic windows.  This kit does come with metal wheels which are a plus.  You will need to paint the platform ends, smoke stack, and underside blue to be correct.  This kit does come with individual grab irons which are a very nice touch.  The markings are good too.  No real complaints at all with this kit.  I only ever made this one below, but Atlas has released some in C&O blue and a few of the Safety schemes.

Below is my Atlas C&O Cabin next to the real thing.  The Dean Heacock pic on the right is actually 903296 the caboose after the one in the Atlas model.  Notice the pictures are of opposite sides.  The windows on the two sides were in different places.