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ATTX 75 ft flat car:  This Walthers model is a good example of a 75 ft flat car used to haul two short trailers.  Designed for the early 60's, a few of these flat cars made it to the Chessie era.  By the 1970's they were restricted to haul just two short 20 ft trailers.  By the Chessie Era, most were modified to eliminate the trailer hitches and restricted to hauling farm equipment and other wheeled flat loads.  This car also has the original brown Trailer Train paint job.  This was used into the 70's, when the more familiar yellow Trailer Train paint job started to take over.  Although this car would be rare in 1982, it is a nice car to add to a series of TTX flats for a Chessie Trailer Jet or another type of wheeled load.