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Finished automobiles, trucks and vans are some of the most easily recognizable loads on the rails.  Originally shipped in boxcars, long flat cars quickly became the method of choice for shipping finished vehicles.  These long flat cars came with "racks" allowing for stacking of two or three layers of vehicles on each car.  Normally, bi-level were for vans and trucks and tri-level for cars.  The first racks were open to the elements, as seen below, and were susceptible to damage from vandals and the weather.  Eventually cars became more and more enclosed until the fully enclosed rack was introduced in the early 1980's.  All sorts were seen on the Chessie System.

Ownership of these cars is a little unusual.  The Chessie System did not own any autorack cars, but they did own the racks.  A jointly owned (by major railroads) corporation called Trailer Train owned the flat cars.  As part of a pooling arrangement with the other major railroads, the Chessie System purchased a number of the top rack portions of the cars to support the fleet of autoracks nationwide.  Trailer Train always maintained ownership of the flat car underneath, so there were no Chessie auto rack cars with B&O, C&O or WM reporting marks.  DTTX or ETTX type reporting marks were used on these cars.  TT denoting Trailer Train and X denoting private (non-railroad) ownership.  The rack part of the car got decorated for the railroad that owned them.  Predecessor (WM, B&O and C&O) marked racks lasted well into the Chessie Era.  I have only seen B&O and C&O marked Chessie racks.  I am not sure, but it seems unlikely that WM marked Chessie racks ever existed.

Original Trailer Train flats were painted boxcar red (as seen on DTTX 901793).  TT adopted yellow as the color of choice in the late 60's or 70's, as seen on ETTX 950510.

Normal trains of autoracks had about 10-20% Chessie road racks, the rest were primarily Eastern roads such as PC, N&W, MILW, etc.  There were the occassional BN and UP rack as well.

As a side note, I have seen photos of WM owned flat cars and racks (WM 1001-1014), but have not seen evidence that these few cars made it to the Chessie System era.

Open Bi-level Auto Rack
DTTX 901793 (C&O rack) (Purchased as a decorated kit, weathered by me)

Enclosed Trii-level Auto Rack
ETTX 950510 (Chessie C&O rack) (Purchased as a ready-to-roll model, weathered by me)

ETTX 950517 (Chessie C&O rack) (Purchased as a ready-to-roll model, renumbered and weathered by me)